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About Us

The benefit of the ground and the friend of the enviroment, the LUXS brand tractors are on the lands in Turkey.

AGROMACH company is searched the best products and especially giving the importance to the enviroment, the Luxs brand tractors were selected and will be in the market. We are in the service of the farmers with Luxs tractors which have economical cost and the friend of the enviroment. Related to our study for the benefit of the end-users, we are ready to produce our products with a range from 35Hp to 180Hp with/without cabinet with 50 models, the easiest usage and serve of the end-users, will be a strong competetiour in the race.

According to the last studies about the envirement, the Luxs brand tractors will produced with EURO III standarts which are one of the pioneers in the market. The unwanted fluids and particules coming from the scaveng are minimized with this application. This effects the performans of the motor as well. Other features of the products are Perkins engine, Carraro transmission with EEC type approvals and comfort in the cabinet, easy to use with additional feature of the following the products with GPRS.

With the experienced R&D engineers and the technicians of Agromach, we are developing our products and the following the market requirements, govermental policies as to be update.

AGROMACH is still investing to develop the company. As to use in specially mining field, road, construction, excavation, we are established a cooperation with the brand “STRONG” of the excavators in Turkey with sales and after sales service networks.We are honored to promote STRONG excavators from 1tone to 50 tones for the market.

Also AGROMACH is cooperatel with the brand “LUQING” of loaders and grayders. We are giving importance to our sales and after sales service networks to deliver our customers the best service. It is our pleasure to serve the mining sector under the frame of our company.

The traffic  is very important with the cost and the time articles, we want to deliver our customers the best alternatives with our next project and promote them wide range of products of  the motorcycles, scooters, atv, automobiles, EV, minibus, midibus, commercial vehicles, trucks, light trucks  in very near future.

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Our Products

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